apple theorem step 1, 2, 3Stenciling with theorems is as easy as 1..2..3..


Traditionally, the term 'theorem painting' refers to oil painting on velvet, with the help of a stencil as a guide. Earlier designs were florals, birds and fruits, with a different layer for each color of paint. Our theorem designs are NOT separated by color, which allows us to give you more details on fewer layers. Stencil the first layer, remove the stencil, place the next layer over the design, and stencil.  Continue through each layer.  Directions are on the packaging.


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lg. variety

Florals & Plants

lg. variety


18 styles


5 styles


Bowl of Apples

Bowl of Eggs


2 sizes


Boats & Ships

2 styles

Banana Plants

variety 6 in. - 6ft.


2 sizes

Snowy Egret


Blue Heron



2 sizes


2 sizes

Conch Shell

Floral Designs & Borders




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